Saturday, 7 July 2018

Lots of learning

It has been a few months since I have been able to update you on my learning journey. The time gets away so quickly. I have been learning lots of new skills and was fortunate to attend Paper Secrets  A Hanji  making workshop with New York Artist Aimee Lee in Burnie Creative Paper Tasmania. It was a truly inspiring workshop and I learnt lots of new skills. Aimee was very generous with sharing lots of tips and advice. I met lots of other fabulous women with a passion for paper. I also got to see Paper on Skin a truly incredible array of outstanding work, and our own Svenja from Qld taking out first prize.

I had never travelled around Tasmania before and was really taken back by the overwhelming beauty everywhere. It was truly inspiring and we will be returning. We got to see many beautiful places and loved every moment. Hiking at Cradle mountain was a little cold at -4 but very worth it, as we were fortunate to have snow on the mountain. Had a wonderful visit to Mona.

Also tried my hand at a new skill with wood

Attended a workshop by Carol Russell at  Artisan,  King Street Bowen Hills. Carol was absolutely wonderful and I truly loved all I learnt and am keen to add to my skills with lots of practice. It has been a busy and rewarding few months. I am off to Glen Innes for my next project working with some country women next weekend. Looking forward to showing you as it develops.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Review Contemporary Art Awards
My work 'In the Hold" was reviewed by Dr Julie Rees. I am very grateful for the invaluable mentoring and support. A huge thankyou to the wonderful women who participate in my projects.
Inspiration in Sydney
 The image of my artwork "women Afoot" was used to help promote Tom Bass Prize in Juniper Hall Paddington. Sydney 2018.

 Very fortunate to be able to visit Sydney and see the 21st Biennale of Sydney. Cockatoo Island being my favourite. Thought provoking works by many incredible artists. Ai Weiwei, Yukinori Yanagi, Khaled Sabsabi and Suzanne lacy.

 Wonderful visit to Wendy Whiteley's secret garden Lavendar Bay.

 Caught up with my friend Tammy at beautiful Balmoral Beach.
 The harbour was just magnificent.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Nature is always inspiring

 This past weekend I visited the Lamington National Park. It is always wonderful to experience and connect with nature. We did many walks over the two days including Moran Falls and Tree top walk. The expansive views overlook the McPherson Ranges. I really enjoyed the stillness. It was wonderful to escape the busyness for a few days to recharge ourselves, rest, relax and appreciate nature. Nature is always inspiring.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Hair hair everywhere

I have been working hard to complete my new work In the Hold. I decided to connect the waxed hexagonal pieces with my hair. The hair on the table was my hair from when I was a small child. My mother had kept it all these years. It was so long at one stage I could sit on it. I wanted it to be a very personal connection. It was a very difficult and challenging thing to do. It meant I needed to thread the needle 6 times per join. It was tough going on the eyes and patience. I was amazed just how strong the hair was.

Art Affair

I am so blessed to have been able to be apart of the Artists residency program initiated by the Aspley State School to tackle the theme of Sustainability. Thankyou Artist Wendy for giving me this opportunity to work with the Grade 1 children and congratulations on planning and delivering curriculum based creative arts to over 700 children. It was a wonderful experience.

it was so lovely to have the opportunity to work with other fabulous artists, Susanne, Cielle, Conchita, Wendy, Deb and Alicia. They are all inspiring artists and  inspiring women.
A huge thankyou to the wonderful Principal and Grade 1 teachers at the school.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Slow and steady

So grateful to be able to spend time on something I love doing

                                                         Lots of strengthening
                                                        Adding piece by piece