Thursday, 23 July 2015

Visual reminders

During the making of the Women Afoot project, I met many inspirational women. One of those being Emma who kindly shared her wonderful  message above. It certainly resonated with me and I keep a visual reminder next to my bed.

New Environment

It has been a very busy few months. I am sorry for the lack of blog posts. After 20 years we have moved from our family home, to our new apartment and new suburb. After much sorting, packing, more sorting and unpacking we are now settled and our new chapter has begun. At the end of June we had a short visit to Darwin and I made a new purchase for our new home.
This beautiful piece of artwork is the work of Artist Caroline Numina. From the Utopia region.  Titled " Medicine leaves." 
Caroline is the eldest of the family of seven children and was born in 1971. Her Father' Country is Utopia and she was brought up in both Utopia and Stirling station. Her father was the brother of famous artists Gloria and Kathleen Petyarre. Both of these renowned artists are Caroline's Aunties and taught her to paint. Caroline and her husband Daniel Pula Turner and six children live most of the time in Darwin. They still travel to the desert to see family.
 I purchased the work from the Readback Aboriginal Art Gallery. 2 Star Village, 32 Smith Street Mall, Darwin NT. A truly wonderful display of inspiring work.