Thursday, 23 November 2017

Hair hair everywhere

I have been working hard to complete my new work In the Hold. I decided to connect the waxed hexagonal pieces with my hair. The hair on the table was my hair from when I was a small child. My mother had kept it all these years. It was so long at one stage I could sit on it. I wanted it to be a very personal connection. It was a very difficult and challenging thing to do. It meant I needed to thread the needle 6 times per join. It was tough going on the eyes and patience. I was amazed just how strong the hair was.

Art Affair

I am so blessed to have been able to be apart of the Artists residency program initiated by the Aspley State School to tackle the theme of Sustainability. Thankyou Artist Wendy for giving me this opportunity to work with the Grade 1 children and congratulations on planning and delivering curriculum based creative arts to over 700 children. It was a wonderful experience.

it was so lovely to have the opportunity to work with other fabulous artists, Susanne, Cielle, Conchita, Wendy, Deb and Alicia. They are all inspiring artists and  inspiring women.
A huge thankyou to the wonderful Principal and Grade 1 teachers at the school.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Slow and steady

So grateful to be able to spend time on something I love doing

                                                         Lots of strengthening
                                                        Adding piece by piece

Friday, 1 September 2017

Coming Together

Many months have passed and finally my current work is at a stage where I am starting to put it together. Lots of casting, layering of paper, experimenting has taken place. Armature has been welded and structurally, it is ready to go.
                                               I used 8ml x 75ml bolts and some washers

                         Lots of casting of all parts of the body. 2 part molds front and back.
                                                        A messy job but good outcome.

                                                     Plaster needs to dry for a few days.
                                   Shellac is placed in the molds to act as the release for the paper.
                                                          3 coats of shellac is necessary
                             Lots of experimenting has taken place with the hexagonal shapes.
Lots of things I have tried have not worked. What I thought would be perfect was terrible. Somethings I have decided on are the wax dip and using jump rings.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Fortunate to visit National Gallery of Australia Canberra

This was the first time I had visited  the National Gallery in Canberra. Incredible and inspiring sculptures in the sculpture garden and inside the gallery. Glorious building and surrounds.

Work developing

Sometimes it takes a long time before a project can begin. So much thought and  development takes place before physical work can start.  These are some of the amazing responses I have received from the women taking part. Working at home can be a lonely process.  I am always so grateful for the joyous connection that comes through these works with the wonderful women that participate.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Exploring marble

I have been very fortunate to spend 10 days  with other inspiring sculptors exploring marble as a medium. This was my outcome an ancient warrior. He doesn't have a name as yet. I am working on that. Thank you to all for making it an amazing experience, wonderful company, food and the joy of creating.