I have been studying the inspirational work of Christian Boltanski. When I visited the Serpentine Gallery in london on 26/7/2010 I had the incredible opportunity to take part  in Christian Boltanski's work
Les archive du coeur(The heart archive) my heart beat was recorded for the archive and then added to the collection which is permanently housed on the uninhabited Japanese island of Ejima, which is part of the Benesse Art Site Naoshima. What a privilege I was no 000872.


  1. My artistic journey began in 2008 when I decided to attend Southbank Tafe to study visual art. I had always been interested in art and art history which I had studied at high school, but had never taken the time to pursue it. After an unexpected journey with cancer in 2005 I felt I needed to take some time for myself and so the journey began. The teachers were inspirational, full of knowledge and opened my eyes to so many artists, ways of working and techniques.I am very fortunate as I have a loving supportive family who encourage me daily and I am learning and growing as an artist everyday. The more I know the more I realise I dont know.There are many artists and writers who inspire me these are some of my favourites:
    Henry Moore
    Kiki Smith
    Elisabeth Frink
    Louise Bourgeois
    Judy Watson
    Antony Gormley
    Nancy Spero
    Fiona Hall
    Del Kathryn Barton
    Magdalena Abakanowicz
    Bea Maddock
    Gosia Wlodarczak
    Barbara Hepworth
    Rosemary Madigan
    John Wolseley
    Shirley Trevena
    Judi Whitton

  2. These are some of the books I have enjoyed:
    Simple Ambundance- Sarah Ban Breathnach
    The Drawing Book- Tania Kovats
    Spirit Country Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art-Jennifer Isaacs
    An Opening:Twelve Love Stories about Art- Stephanie radok
    Hossein Valamanesh :Out of Nothingness
    William Morris by himself designs and writings
    Louise Bourgeois -Fabric
    Embroidered Textiles- Shelia Paine
    The Paper Garden An Artist Begins her Life's work at 72 -Molly Peacock
    Richard Long walking the Line- Richard Long, Paul Moorhouse,Denise Hooker
    The Hare with the Amber Eyes-Edmund De Waal

  3. There are so many incredible inspiring artists out there: My list grows daily.
    Rosalie Gasgcoigne
    Ben quilty
    Cherry Hood
    Cressida Campbell
    Elisabeth Cummings
    Regina Wilson
    Judy Napangardi watson
    Marina Strocchi
    Jenny Sages

  4. This week I have been looking at the amazing artwork of:
    Lissa Hunter and Graham Fransella

  5. The incredible work of Artist Binh Danh has really touched me.