' In the Hold '  2017

"Women Afoot" March 2014

My work ‘ breathe’ is about my experience, but also that of many other women in today’s society. The fast pace of life in which we live, the expectations and pressures that weigh upon us speak of a  need to stop,  take a breath and to remember the simple joys in the everyday.

This work is created in paper made from the layered trunk of the banana plant. We as women are also very layered: in our thoughts, emotions, conscience, experiences, memory, skin and in so many other ways, and this is reflected in the layering of paper within the work. Like women, the paper is also fragile yet strong. Lights are included within the work to highlight the breath and beauty that comes from within. In this piece I have tried to incorporate my values and general philosophy.To this end I have made every effort to use natural and sustainable materials and to remain as honest and real as I could be.

Some examples of my Frida Kahlo
                                          Banana Paper

                                                        Sandstone relief

                                                         Bronze baby