Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Fabulous teatowels available at the exhibition

Entry is free to come to the exhibition, just a smile is required.
I hope that everyone coming to the exhibition, will be inspired and encouraged by the sight of so many women standing together and finding their voices.

As all the proceeds from the exhibition will be going to the Second Chance Programme fundraising group
which is an independent non-for-profit organisation with an unswerving commitment to solving female homelessness. SCP does not raise money to buy buildings or pay salaries. Apart from paying insurance  and bank charges every cent raised by SCP is used to 'get women off the streets' and to help them take control of their lives.This is why I chose to donate to this wonderful organisation.
Second chance supports a variety of different projects to help homeless women secure a home and return to independent living. They are a small committee of absolutely dedicated people committed to fundraising.
 Please Check them out on www.secondchanceprogramme.com.au
How am I fundraising:
Because of the wonderful messages the women have shared with me I have made some messages into screenprinted teatowels which will be for sale at the exhibition for $10.00 they are 100% linen and are gorgeous. They will look great in any kitchen and a fabulous present for any friend. We also have card packs containing 5 cards and envelopes for $10.00 as well, they are well worth the look.

Media release for upcoming exhibition

Media release
February 2014
Brisbane artist takes a stand with 100 women in unique new exhibition
Brisbane-based artist Kym Frame will take a stand with over 100 women from all walks of life at the unique and striking ‘Women Afoot’ exhibition, opening at the Graydon Gallery in New Farm on 4 March.
For the exhibition, Kym cast the feet of over 100 women in plaster and used the moulds to create delicate paper sculptures, hand-made from the fibres of banana plants.
“The exhibition will feature sculptures of more than 200 individual feet, symbolically bringing together the lives and experiences of over 100 women from across Queensland,” Kym said.
“Massed together their feet represent women coming together, standing with other women and in support of one another.
“I was overwhelmed by the large number of women who gave so generously of their time and their experiences to take part in the work.”
Kym said the women featured in the exhibition came from a diversity of ages and backgrounds, illustrating the diversity of modern women’s lives.
“Women aged from 16 to 89 years of age sat for the sculptures,” she said.
“They range from a publican, a lifesaver, a jillaroo and a jeweller, to an accountant, a pianist, businesswomen, nurses and a hairdresser.”
While several prominent women also had their feet cast, they will take their positions on the exhibition’s lit platforms alongside women from many other backgrounds.
In addition to having their feet cast, each woman taking part was invited to share a message with other women.
“The messages range from the humorous to the deeply personal, and clearly many are born of hard-won wisdom,” Kym said.
“They include the quirky ‘Take your bra off as soon as you get home’ and the thought-provoking ‘May we women be as kind to ourselves as we are to others’.
“The exhibition will feature more than 100 women’s messages, including projections within the gallery and recordings in their own voices.”
Kym said the process of creating art helps her to process her ideas and interpret them in a visual way.
“Working on the project has helped me think differently about modern women’s lives, and it brought me much joy creating the work and sharing time and stories with such a remarkable group of women,” she said.

“I hope other women, and in fact everyone coming to the exhibition, will be inspired and
encouraged by the sight of so many women standing together and finding their voices.”
The exhibition is at the Graydon Gallery from 4–9 March, open 10:00am – 6:00pm daily.
All proceeds from the exhibition go to the Second Chance Programme Fundraising Group
Inc, which is working to help homeless women find secure housing and return to
independent living.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Exhibition drawing closer

For many months I have been enjoying sharing on the blog and thanks to a friend I finally have been shown how to create a post that appears on the top of the feed. I do apologise for all the times you may have had to scroll down. We can always learn something everyday which is a wonderful.
I am very excited as the exhibition draws close. Here is the invitation again please tell your friends to check it out.