Tuesday, 15 March 2016

New project is underway

                                                While on a short break away
                                                I started the process for my new project.
                                                No casting or plaster or feet in this one,
                                                again exploring the shared experiences of women today.
                                                This time I am asking a question and the answer is written
                                                on rice paper which will be randomly and anonymously
                                                placed in an installation later in the year. I am very excited
                                                about this work. I truly appreciate the generosity of women
                                                to participate.

While in Sydney

While I was in Sydney for the Tom Bass Prize, I was fortunate to have a couple of days to look around and visit the galleries.  After a beautiful walk through the Botanical Gardens I spent the day at the NSW Art Gallery and also a day at the Contemporary Gallery. The guided talks were wonderful and the exhibitions incredibly inspiring.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Curator's Choice

I have had a wonderful few days travelling to Sydney to deliver my work" Women Afoot"as a finalist in the Tom Bass Prize for Figurative Sculpture Exhibition 4-20 March  Juniper Hall Paddington, NSW.
Much packing took place but we managed to fit all in the car for the journey. My husband did an incredible job driving into Sydney as the pace of the traffic seemed much quicker than Brisbane.
The Tom Bass Committee had done an amazing job with organisation and the installation went smoothly.The diversity of work was outstanding and I felt very fortunate to have this opportunity and  to have been selected . Congratulations to all finalist artists, and the winners Maudie Brady and Louis Pratt. Claire Brown for the Youth prize.  I received the Curator's Choice award and the People's Choice award. Thank you to the judges and sponsors.
Thank you to my husband, family and friends for your love and support.

                                                     Two of the Judges: Jim Croke and Richard Goodwin